Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Goodwill Rescue: Old Chair-New Life

Hey hey!  It seems it has been a while since I did any sort of post on the good ol blog.  I haven't really done any projects over the last few months due to moving and the growing monster in my stomach.  But I do have a "to do" list that I would like to get completed before baby arrives in just a few weeks. 

One of the projects that I wanted to complete was finishing up the Goodwill chair I bought last November while we were still in Wyoming.

When I saw this chair I felt like I did the slow motion run across the store to snatch it up before someone else did.  Why would someone give up such an amazing chair?  I do not know!

Back then I got busy as quickly as possible to finish the chair.  But it was already November and it was freezing or way below freezing at times which made it very difficult to complete this makeover. 

I did manage to prime the chair, take off the fabric on the cushion, and take off the fabric on the chair itself.  I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked out a clearance fabric that is soft and I loved.  Then I recovered the cushion and dragged it down to the basement.

This is how it sat in the basement until we moved back to Texas in May.

Once here in Texas I pulled this chair out of our storage unit and realized there were a lot of nicks and scratches where the primer had come off from the move.  I pulled out the putty and filled in nicks and dents to make it look good again. 

I went to Lowes and bought Valspar Primer+Paint in white and got to work finishing this chair off.  After letting the paint sit for a few days then I sealed it with a clear gloss coat of spray paint also by Valspar.

Here is the beauty as of today.

I added the nailhead trim at the bottom to hold the fabric in place. 

Sidenote: doing nailhead trim just about drove me to the crazy house.  I'm too much of a perfectionist and that trim is anything but perfect.  But it works for now.  Notice I said "for now" because I'm not happy with those nails.  I discovered the nailhead trim by the yard and will eventually replace all that crookedness. 

I can officially mark this project off my list!