Monday, September 15, 2014

Baby Girl Bedding

Hey friends!  We have a baby girl in the family!  We're beyond thrilled that we have our little angel with us now.  Autumn is perfect and she's so relaxed.  I'm a smitten mom and I just can't stop loving on her.

I promised I would be back with the info on the bedding I used for Autumn's crib.  With each boy we've used different bedding sets.  Finally, I have found the perfect one. 

In the past we've bought bedding sets from Target, Walmart, and Ebay.  I've never really been satisfied with the crib bumpers.  They are flimsy and as soon as baby can stand up they get stepped on and bent all funky.

So I went to etsy and I found a company that makes beautiful bedding.  Now, I will say they are a bit pricey for everything.  That's why I only purchased the crib bumper.  You can sign up for their emails or follow the company on Facebook.  They do regular 15% or 20% off sales.

The bumper is so soft and it comes with very thick padding.  It will not be easily bent when Autumn is able to stand up.



I purchased the sheet from Target.  It's the Circo Knit Dot Fitted Crib Sheet in pink.  I paid $9.99 for it.

Carousel Designs also sells the fabric for the bedding by the yard.  I purchased 1 yard of the same fabric that the bumper is made of to make the blanket.  The pink lace I purchased from Hobby Lobby while on sale.  The two pinks aren't exact matches but I don't care.  My mom has a friend that sewed everything together for me.  On the website Carousel Designs sells a crib blanket for $59.  For the fabric and lace I paid around $30. 

Finally, the crib skirt.  I made this myself.  I totally spaced it and forgot that I could have purchased the same silver/gray fabric that's on the bumper ties from Carousel Designs. The fabric I purchased is from Hancock Fabric.  I followed the tutorial provided by View Along The Way.  It only took me 4 days to figure this skirt out and sew it.  But I'm not a seamstress so no shocker there it took so long.

Total for everything I would guess I paid about $160-$170.  That's a pretty good savings by looking elsewhere for the individual pieces. 

This is beautiful for my beautiful little princess.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tales From the Crib

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  Last week school started again so I only have 2 kids at home.  At least for now.  Baby girl will be here very soon! 

I thought since baby girl will be here before we know it I would share the details on the crib makeover that I finally completed. 

We bought this crib almost 7 years ago off Craigslist when I was pregnant with Levi.  Back then I had a love of cherry wood cribs and dressers.  My taste was totally different then.  After seeing this crib white I wish I would have painted this sooner.  Oh well!

Since this is our last baby I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a new white crib so I figured I could just spray paint this for a lot less.  After 3 boys sleeping in this crib there were a lot of teeth marks, scratches, and scuffs but I didn't care.


I wasn't about to sand this whole thing down so I saved myself the trouble and bought 5 cans of the oil based primer.  It worked perfectly.

I sprayed all the pieces down on one side then I let them sit for a few days.  Once the side I had painted was cured I flipped the pieces over and did the same thing.  I did lightly sand down any rough spots from the primer in between coats on each side. 

I made another trip to Lowes and picked up another 5 cans of spray paint by Valspar in just plain white with a Satin finish.  Then I went back to work painting.  When everything was painted all white I sealed it off with Valspar Clear Gloss Sealer in the can.   

Overall, painting the crib took about a week.  It is not perfect but ask me if I care!  I spent around $50-$60 on all the spray paint which is cheaper than a new crib. 

I'll be back soon with the details on the bedding that I used and how I made the crib skirt.  Yeah, I busted out my sewing machine for that one.