Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Keep Your Fruit Fresh

Good afternoon ya'll!!  I hope it's been a great week for everyone.  Our boys will be out of school tomorrow so we will have a long weekend.  We don't have anything exciting planned since it's supposed to be super cold but they love being out of school anyway.

Today I wanted to share a product that I've been using for a while now to keep my fruit fresh.  I know it's not a great project reveal or an awesome kitchen reveal but when I find a product I like I want to share it with you. 

Levi alternates taking his lunch to school and having the school lunches.  Jax always takes his lunch to school since he doesn't have a school provided lunch option.  So back when school started last fall I did some searching around the good ol' web to find ways to keep their fruit fresh.  I came upon this product called Ball Fruit-Fresh Protector.

I don't remember the exact price but I found this at Walmart and I want to say it was no more than $3 or $4. 

The boys love apples and so I figured I would try this out and see if it would keep their apples from browning in their lunch boxes.  If it worked this would be a cheaper alternative than buying those pre packaged apple slices.  I could buy a big bag of apples along with the Fruit-Fresh and get more for my money??  Sold!!

For scientific research purposes I figured I would show you a plate of apples.  One side has the Fruit-Fresh and the other doesn't.  I let these apples sit out for 30 minutes.

Get ready for Pinterest worthy life changing pictures....


Here is another look at the apples.

You can see that the apples without the Fruit-Fresh are brown and that's only after 30 minutes.

So you can thank me later for saving you money on fruit and your child's school lunch.

Have a great weekend!   

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