Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A "New" Way to Store Spices

Well hello friends!  It has been quite some time since I did a post about anything.  I miss doing regular posts but I just don't have time currently with Autumn being so small.  But I did manage to do a very easy and simple update that I thought I would share.

Now, I'm sure we've all looked on Pinterest for spice storage ideas.  There's only about a million ideas out there.  So I'm going to make it a million and one. 

I've tried a few different things over the years when it comes to spice racks and storage.  In our last house I had Ikea spice racks mounted on the inside of our pantry door.  I loved the storage that way.  I used the plastic Gerber baby food containers to put the spices in. 

After doing the storage that way I noticed really quickly the spices would spill out of the bottom of the containers.  I didn't lay the containers flat on the racks but instead propped them up so I could see the label on the lid.  It didn't spill much but it was enough to be annoying but I just lived with it.

Now that Autumn is big enough to get baby food I'm going through jars pretty quickly.  I give her the Beech Nut brand baby food.  I love the jars the food comes in.  They're the perfect size for spices and the same amount of jars fit on the Ikea racks. 

So after I finish a jar I take the label off and wash the jar.  The label sometimes leaves a residue but it's not anything that Goo Be Gone can't fix. 

Then I spray painted the lid just whatever color I had on hand.

Yesterday I bought myself a label maker so what better way to test it out than by making labels for my spice jars.

Isn't that cute?!?  The jars are 4.25 ounces in size.  Beech Nut does have other jars but they're short and squatty.  I like these better because they are taller and just look nicer. 

If you're in the market for spice jars go buy some baby food even if you don't have a baby.  These are about $.80 each at Walmart.  That's a pretty good price for spice jars.  I've seen the same size for much more on other sites.

That's it!  I hope I have revolutionized your spice storage world. 

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