Monday, March 16, 2015

Sassy Brassy

I love accessories!  I love all the fun things you can do with them.  Put them on bookshelves, end tables, night stands.  The possibilities are endless.  When I'm out at thrift stores I really have to control myself because I might just turn into a hoader.  Especially when it comes to brass accessories. 

I don't mean brass like the old outdated light fixtures or doorknobs.  I mean like real brass.  You can always tell real brass if the item is heavy.  The fake stuff will be light and not weigh as much.  So while I was out recently I have found some really great brass accessories. 

While I don't have a place for them yet, someday I will.  And I won't care if brass is not in style anymore because I'll always love it. 

Check out the examples I found on the quick Pinterest search.

So what did I find?  Take a look.
 I LOVE this vase.  On the bottom says it was made in India.  The intricate details on this vase are just beautiful.  It was dirty when I bought it from Salvation Army but I polished it to look new again.  I really can't stop looking at it because it's so pretty. 

 This tree was just funky and unique.  The brass is in perfect condition and so I didn't have to do anything to it. 

Back during Christmas I found this cute little reindeer at Salvation Army.  There was a red bow on the reindeer but I took it off.  Sidenote...this reindeer has been sitting on my microwave since Christmas.  Colten has recently discovered it and now carries it around singing "Jingle Bells". 

So what I'll do with these I don't really know yet but I'm just glad I found them.

I hope you find some awesome treasures too.

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