Monday, August 12, 2013

Canton First Monday Trade Days

Canton, Texas!  That's all you need to know.  This place is magical!  Glorious!  Awesome!  I could use a million more words to describe Canton.  Do a search for Canton, Texas and you'll see why this place rocks my world.
It may have been 104 degrees here this last Saturday but I went to my happy place anyway.  I needed to go one last time.  There are so many things to see in this place.  As many times as I've been there are still many parts that I haven't seen. 
I took a few pictures just to give you an idea why so many people love it.
Oh the pretty things.  Any color of glass candy dish you want you can probably find it here.  I usually stop by this vendor every time just to look at all the different colors.  All of the above pictures were taken in the same booth.  If you are in the market for chicken dishes of any size you can find them here.  Another reason this place is so unique. 

The food is just amazing.  You can get everything from a funnel cake to hamburgers to even Mexican and seafood.  I like to go to this one place that is actually air conditioned and the wait isn't usually long.  That hamburger is soooo good.  I don't feel guilty about eating it because usually by the time I leave I've already sweated and walked off lunch. 
"This 7 HP "Economy" gas engine was built and sold by Sears Roebuck in 1915.  Engine has Webster Oscillating Magneto with make and break points and Lunkenheimer Carburetion system.  Engine operates on the hit and miss principal at low idle.  Cost when new: $106.00."
If you walk around long enough, and I'm sure you will, you'll hear this loud popping noise.  As you get closer you'll see it's this funny looking machine that this cute old man runs.  He uses this machine to make fresh cornmeal.  Who would have guessed that?
Furniture is everywhere here.  Any type you need you'll probably find it.  I loved this chair and it was only $30.  I'm totally hating myself for not getting it now.  It was in awesome condition and when I was leaving it was still there. 

Lastly, there are many of these pavilions that you can go visit.  This is where all the boutique type stuff is.  I don't really find a lot in here just because it's usually more expensive stuff.  But still worth checking out.
I'm just barely scratching the surface on everything that is here to see and do.  I'm going to really miss having this place so close.  This is where I like to go to get away and recharge my batteries. 
If you ever in Texas on I-20 be sure to stop by.  You can go HERE to find out more info on all the dates. 
Happy thrifting!!


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