Friday, August 2, 2013

Side tables to benches

One of my favorite things to do is to give new life to something old and forgotten.  So many good pieces get thrown out and if I could collect them all I totally would.

While in Canton I found these end tables.  I was just about to leave and I decided to go back through the junk section one more time.  I just couldn't go home empty handed.  As I walked through these ugly end tables caught my eye.

I called Matt and had him measure how tall our current chairs were at the dining room table.  The nice lady that was selling these had a tape measure and these were the perfect height to turn into benches.

I paid $15 for these two ugly forgotten about end tables.

It took me a few weeks to have time to work on these but I knew exactly where I was going to start first.  I thought these looked a little too boxy for my taste so those support pieces had to come off.

Let me tell ya something.  Those support pieces were not meant to come off.  I was sweating trying to pull those blasted things off of there.  But I didn't give up and alas I won!  Taking the pieces off did not affect the balance of the tables either.
So next I sanded the legs down to smooth out the rough spots.  I also filled in holes and nicks with putty.  There was no need to sand the tops since I was going to cover them up eventually. 
Once the putty was dry I sanded all the spots down so they would be smooth and blend in once the legs were painted.  So two coats of spray paint primer and two coats of latex paint later this is what I had.
It was getting hot out so for the next part I came inside.  I turned the benches upside down and traced the shape of the top on to the foam with a Sharpie marker. 

I purchased the foam from Hobby Lobby.  To make the bench comfortable I knew I wanted 2 inch foam on top.  It was cheaper to buy the one inch foam and just cut out two pieces and stack them on top of each other.  To get the foam to stay in place I sprayed the foam and table with spray adhesive. 
Cutest photo bomb ever!!!  Just had to put this one in here.

I used an old sheet to cover the foam.  It gave the foam a smoother look for when I put the fabric on top.  I think I used about 2000 staples to get this sheet nice and tight.  Not really but there are a lot of staples underneath. 

Finally, I put the fabric on and again used 2000 more staples underneath. 

I love the way these turned out.  I still need to spray these with Scotchgard.  It's only a matter of time before these boys get stuff all over my pretty benches.  I will just enjoy them for now though.

Sources & cost:
Primer-already had
Paint color-Swiss Coffee by Valspar $3 sample size
Foam-Hobby Lobby $15
Fabric-Hobby Lobby $9 

Total-$42 or $21 for each bench


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