Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A beach...In a bathroom?

I'm back today with another room in our 6 year house transformation.  This was another room that had many colors on the walls until I got it just right.  Sometimes it just takes several tries before you're happy with the final color.

When we bought the house the bathroom was painted Barney purple.  I don't have any pictures of the purple but I'm pretty sure if you look under the counter you might see some purple...and yellow...and green...and blue.  If these walls could only talk.

Wait...yellow, green and blue??  Yeah about that...

I thought I wanted a Tuscan bathroom because I saw it on HGTV and they made it look awesome.  So I tried to match it.  Matt and I taped everything off and primed the Barney purple away and slapped some banana yellow up.  When it was all done it looked like the sun had exploded in the bathroom.  It was blinding bright.  I was pregnant with my first at the time and I sat down in the hallway and just cried.  Poor Matt!  He knew this wasn't going to work and that I hated it. 

We very quickly threw up more primer so we didn't need our sunglasses every time we walked in the bathroom.  I then went to Walmart and found a shade of sage green that was perfect.  It was light but not too bright.  There isn't any natural light in the bathroom so this color worked.  We lived with the green bathroom because it wasn't blinding.

You can click on each picture to see a larger version.

We replaced the light fixture with a new one from Lowes.  Also, we painted the cabinets white.  They were just a white washed finish before.  It was ok and it stayed like this for about 4 more years.

Then I discovered cooler colors were my thing.  I'm not so much a fan of warm colors especially in rooms that do not get any natural light.  So I told Matt I wanted to paint...again!  Insert eye roll here.

After priming the whole room again here is the final color we ended up with.

Isn't that just breath of fresh air.  I love the beach and I wanted to bring a bit of it into our home.  I used lattice strips from Lowes for the board and batten on the walls.  I measured everything out to make sure all the pieces were evenly spaced. 

I repainted the cabinets black and I spray painted the little cabinet above the toilet black to match.  We used door/window casing to frame the mirror.  I think that gives a custom look to the mirror.  One of the biggest changes is that Matt laid tile down.  Also, another can light was installed in the center of the room to give more light by the shower.  Matt raised the fixture over the sink so it wasn't shining right on the mirror.  We added crown molding too.   

I have some sand dollars that I've collected from trips to the beach and thought they would be perfect for our beach bathroom.  That little basket on the counter has some of my shells in it too.  We also changed out the builder grade faucet for a brushed nickel finish.   

I'm so proud of this bathroom and the changes we made.  It was a lot of work but the end result was so worth it.   

Wall color-Sky by Waverly Paints 
Light fixture-Lowes
Floor tiles-Lowes (clearance items)
Trash can-Target
Sunburst mirror-DIY project
Frames for sand dollars-Hobby Lobby (clearance items)
Toilet paper basket-Goodwill (still had tag on it from Target)
Hand towel/toilet paper roll holder-Walmart 

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  1. Such a pretty makeover. Love the board & batten. Always amazed how cute it looks, even in smaller spaces like bathrooms. I'd love some of my own ;) The room looks so fresh and pretty. Great job!!

  2. Thank you so much! If I would have only figured out what I really like the first time I could have saved myself a lot of tears. :)


  3. How lovely. It's amazing what a difference the color change makes! I do love neutral whites as they give us so much flexibility for home decor. Thanks for a fun and inspirational visit.