Sunday, July 7, 2013

Laundry room makeover

Good morning everyone!  It's hot here again in Texas and I really wish we had a pool in our backyard.  I would love to just float around all day.
I'm starting my house tour with the laundry room.  This is probably one of the biggest transformations in our house.  Maybe even one of the least expensive too.  So let's just jump right in with the ugly and scary before pictures.

You can click on each picture to see a larger version.

You can see in the last picture where there were once shelves.  I wasn't home when Matt started the demo for me to get a true before picture with the shelves.  But just imagine a long piece of wood and a shorter piece of wood there.  Not much storage at all. 

I need to mention too that this room is a weird shape and so getting pictures in here is really difficult.  Also, there is no natural light so please forgive the horrible before pictures.  I will include a source list at the bottom of the post.
As far as demolition goes that is all that we needed to do was to knock down the shelves.
So on to the wonderful after pictures.

This is a shot from the exact same angle as the last picture above.  I'm standing in our garage to take this picture.  As you can see, we added a BIG cabinet in there and additional shelves on both sides of the cabinet. 
Matt reused the wood from the previous shelves and just cut them down to fit the space that we had on both sides of the cabinet.  All of those bottles hold my homemade laundry detergent.  The baskets are from an old dishwasher and work perfectly to hold the detergent. 

Originally, I wanted to do some sort of wood treatment on the wall but then I decided I wanted this to be done as cheaply as possible.  So I just painted the white stripe on the wall to break up the other paint color. 
This is another view from the hallway inside our house.  I painted the door leading to the garage black.  It was always dirty with fingerprints and was just yucky.  So the black hides all that.  Out of sight out of mind, right? 
This is looking straight in the room.  The red pail holds my dryer sheets and adds color to the room.   

I use these hooks to air dry some of my shirts that I don't put in the dryer.  I found the shelf and clock at Goodwill a long time ago for $1 each.  The frame holds a quote that I found online and made into a printable.   

Instead of putting crown molding in here I decided to go a cheaper route. It changes up the look from the rest of the house.  I bought furring strips from Lowes for $8 total.  That beats the cost of crown molding by a long shot.  We also changed out the light fixture with one I found on Craigslist.  The light was brass and I spray painted it black.

So that's it.  One last look at the after.

It's a totally different room.  So much brighter and lovely.  I hope you like it too.

Light fixture-Craigslist $10
Furring strips-Lowes $8
Cabinet-Habitat For Humanity ReStore $35
Ironing board cover-Target $10
Ironing board hanger-I made out of a piece of pallet (Free)
Wire baskets-from old dishwasher (Free)
Red pail-Target $3
Rug-Ross $10
Hooks-Ikea Leksvik hooks $10 (came with 5 hooks)
Shelf & clock-Goodwill $2
Paint color-Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware (had color matched at Sherwin Williams.  I already had the paint so this was free.) 


  1. Looks great Melissa! I'm inspired by your choice to paint the white stripe too. I didn't realize it wasn't wood until I read it.

  2. What a great transformation! My laundry room is in need of some love! Saw you over at Fox Hollow Cottage! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  3. Y'all are so kind! My poor husband has put up with so much over the years as we've totally redone our first house. I hope the next family that lives here appreciates all the time and love that we have put into updating this home.