Monday, July 22, 2013

Flip flop bling

Good Monday morning ya'll!

I was in Hobby Lobby recently and came up with an idea while strolling through the jewelry section.  I'm sure this has been done before and you can find it on Pinterest but I haven't run across it yet.  So I wanted to share this easy way to bling out a pair of flip flops.

The possibilities are endless at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

The next row behind this one is the flip flops.  Pick any color that you like.  These are $1.99 when not on sale.

Once you have your color(s) selected go back to the jewelry section and pick out a coordinating jewel to go on the flip flop.  Make sure the jewel you choose is not too big and that it will be comfortable when you put the flip flops on.  I picked my jewel and placed it on the flip flop then put the flip flop on to see how it would feel.  Also, the jewel needs to have a flat back so that it can be glued on. 
I ended up going with the blue and picked out a pretty jewel to go with that color.  My jewels were not on sale at the time so try to catch these when they are so that this can be cheaper.
Cut off the little ring if there is one.  I used pliers to pry the ring open.
Use some sort of heavy duty glue to attach these to your flip flops.  If you don't have any then just go by the glue section while at Hobby Lobby and see what they have.  I used J-B Weld.  I also used a clip to add extra pressure to make sure the jewel got a good grip on the flip flop. 
Let these sit for 24 hours.  I'm very impatient and didn't let mine sit long enough and it came off.  Then I had to wait another 24 hours.  Ugh!
When it's all dry this is what you end up with.
How cute are these?!?  I love them.  It takes a boring flip flop from drab to fab! 
My total cost was $10 but if everything was on sale it would have been much less.  You could also do this if you had a pair of flats like ballerina slippers. 
Have fun! 

I've worn these flip flops several times and the J-B Weld did not hold.  So I tried regular super glue.  That did not hold the jewels.  So then I tried Liquid Nails and Gorilla Glue (it's for wood but I had it on hand so why not) and that didn't hold either.  Now I'm trying Loctite Flexible Adhesive.  This is for use on plastic so hopefully this will hold.  I'll keep you updated on what works.   


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