Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas Love

Happy Saturday to y'all!  Have you had a great week?  It seems time is just flying by this summer and pretty soon it will be back to school time. 
I wanted to drop in and just talk about all the things I'm going to miss here in Texas.  I've been in Texas my whole life except for 2 years when I moved to Utah for school.  So that's 29 years here and I hadn't planned on going anywhere anytime soon.  There are many things in Texas that I'm going to miss and just wanted to share a few. 
So in no particular order here are the things I'm going to cry about leaving behind (not really but maybe).

Oh Target...what can I say except that I love you!  You make me smile and take me to my happy place.  You've taken all my millions and it will be the longest year of my life without you.  I love your clearance specials and 90% of my house is from your store.  Please build more stores in Wyoming!  Pretty please oh pretty please!!

Firehouse Subs is the best place to go for sandwiches.  No.questions.asked.  Down right THE BEST.  If you don't have a location by you then if you see one as you're driving down the road, slam on your brakes, make an immediate U-turn, and go inside.  My personal favorite is the Sub on a Club with the jalapeno chips.  Oh and you MUST use the Firehouse sauce on your sandwich.  It's the icing on the cake.  Go find this place now!!

We love Chick Fil A!  We love it because it's clean and so yummy.  I don't feel guilty when I eat Chick Fil A food.  I know it's not the healthiest thing out there but it certainly isn't the worst.  We meet our friends there to play sometimes when it's too hot out or even too cold.  They refill our drinks for us and always help me with my kids if I'm by myself.  It's like a fancy fast food place.  Love you Chick Fil A!


The closet Kohls to us will be in Salt Lake City about 2 hours away.  I don't spend a lot of money in Kohls but I do love to find a good deal every now and then.  They have a good selection usually and always have sales.  My favorite section is the jewelry.  Not the fancy jewelry but the cheaper section.  I guess I need to go get a really good fix before we leave. 
What will I do without this place?  Next to Target I think this is my favorite store.  There is just so much inspiration and pretty things inside.  My current store isn't as close as Target but if it was it would be dangerous for sure!  I'm starting to see a trend here with stores not being in Wyoming.  What the heck have I got myself into?
I think the best time of year is the spring time here.  The bluebonnets are everywhere and they are gorgeous.  I now regret not getting pictures this year with our kids.  But at the time we did not think we would be leaving.  There is usually always a beautiful mixture of flowers along the roads.  I'm sure Wyoming is beautiful too but this is just the only spring I know and love. 
My two favorite trees are crape myrtles and magnolia trees.  We have 4 crape myrtles in our backyard.  I love that they bloom this time of year since everything else dies since it is so hot.  The blooms do not last long but they sure are pretty.  And the smell is heavenly.  Maybe Wyoming has crape myrtles. 
And of course we will miss all of our friends.  All of the above things are worldly things and our friends are what matter most to us.  We really hope to be back soon to visit or even live again. 
Have a great weekend!  Another room in the house tour will be coming up soon.

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