Monday, July 1, 2013

The Beginning

I started this blog several months ago.  This was supposed to be a blog to record all the projects or changes that we would be making to the new home we were building.  I chose the name "Serendipity" because when working on projects a lot of times you get a "happy accident" and things turn out better than you originally thought.  

But everything changed back on May 31st.

So here's the backstory. 

Earlier this year we put our house, that we've lived in for 6 years, on the market.  We had finally finished with all of the projects in the house and felt like it was the best time to sell.  So we did.  We had one offer that fell through but then quickly came a 2nd offer.  We closed and all was great. 

We had picked out a floor plan from a local builder and fell in love with it.  After spending 8 hours one Saturday picking out all the details of our future house all was going great.  Then May 31st happened.

At the end of the day Matt was called in and told that his position would be changing and along with that came a pretty hefty pay cut.  Our lives were shattered.  I fell to the floor in disgust.  Matt has worked his tail off to get to where he is.  In a matter of minutes all that hard work was gone.  All the long hours and long days were for nothing.  I won't go into all the details of how I feel about Matt's boss but let's just say I don't have kind words for her.

After a long weekend of crying, praying and tears we came to the conclusion that building our dream house just wouldn't happen.  There was no way that we could afford it.  We realized that our dream would just have to wait.  Heavenly Father had a bigger plan for us.  Also, by the end of this weekend we had decided that Matt needed to go back to school.  After being in the corporate health/wellness field for 5 years it just wasn't what he wanted to do anymore.  So back to school Matt went to become a Physician Assistant. 

Matt quickly enrolled in summer school taking just one class.  We spent the next few weeks looking over all the PA schools in the country and figuring out where we wanted to try to get accepted and how many prerequisites are required.  Now we have our schools picked out and the classes that Matt will need to take in the fall/spring.  We just don't know where we are going to end up for the fall/spring.

All the classes that Matt needs to take are day classes.  That means that Matt can't continue to work his 8-5 job and that also means we can't afford to stay in our house.  We are renting our house back from the investor that bought it while we were building our house.  Our lease is up September 1 and Levi starts school this fall.  So we have very little time to figure out what to do and where we'll end up. 

We do have a couple of options that we're still trying to figure out the details to but either way we know we can't stay in our comfortable little town we've really come to enjoy.  It kills me to pull my kids away from their friends and what they know.  But at the same time they are still so young they won't remember much of this ordeal. 

It is apparent to us now how things were supposed to go.  We needed to sell our house to get the most money possible.  We needed to sell our house so that when Matt gets accepted to a PA school we will not be tied down because of our house.  We needed to sell our house so that Matt can go back to school to take care of our family.  It's amazing how Heavenly Father watches out for you and has a plan for each one of us.  We couldn't be doing this without his guidance. 

So come along with me on this new adventure as we start down a new path and a new career.  I'll be sharing all the ups and downs along the way. 

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