Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Texas versus Wyoming

Hi peeps!  How's the week going for you?  It's been really nice here in Texas and we've been enjoying the cooler weather.  This just doesn't happen here in July so we'll take advantage while we can.

Texas versus Wyoming.  When it comes to football I'm always going to choose my Longhorns.  But unfortunately this isn't about football.

When I left you two days ago we weren't sure where we were going to end up.  We had two options on the table.  We could move home with my parents in East Texas or go to Wyoming.  Yeah, that's right.  WYOMING! 

Moving home with my parents would work but it wasn't going to be ideal.  We would be living in a tiny cramped camper trailer.  My parents just bought a new house but it is smaller so there wouldn't be room for all of us inside.  So we would be roughing it in a camper trailer.  Not ideal but we would sacrifice and make it work.  It's only temporary. 

Option two is move to Wyoming and live with my brother in law and his family in their basement.  Let me tell ya....Wyoming is cold.  Like freeze you to the bone cold.  It's something I've only experienced once and thought I would never experience again.  Wyoming was not initially an option.  We thought Utah or Arizona maybe.  A couple of weeks ago Matt sent an email to family and friends asking if they knew of any basement apartments available in Utah or any cheaper housing in Arizona.  Much to our surprise my brother in law responded and offered his place. 

Our response was heck yeah we'll come.  That was said very quickly and without thinking because once I said it I then realized that's pretty much the Artic Circle.  We've been talking back and forth with our family and trying to figure out how this would all work with the living arrangements.  The basement is 1300 square feet which is only 200 square feet smaller than the house we just sold.  We still have a few things to work out but the ball is rolling in the right direction. 

We'll be living about 2 hours away from Salt Lake and 5 hours from Denver.  I'm excited about a new chapter in our lives and being closer to my husband's family.  Being in Texas we don't get to see them very often so it will be nice to have cousins really close.  Living over our heads close.  I'm very sad though to be leaving Texas.  I'm sad to leave my little town and all the things I've grown to love and enjoy.  There isn't a Chick Fil A in Rock Springs.  There isn't even a Target there.  I don't know how I'll survive without a Target.  Nevermind...I'm not going!  Can't live without a Target.  Just kidding...but hey Target...Rock Springs is a great location for a store!!  But there is a Taco John's.  Oh Taco John's, how I love you and your tacos. 

I feel horrible for taking my kids away from their friends.  It makes me cry every time I think about it.  But I know they can make friends wherever they go.  But Levi especially loves his little buddies and will surely miss them.  I know they are young enough that they won't really remember this part of our journey much.  But it still breaks my heart. 

It's amazing to me how you think you have your life planned and figured out and then Heavenly Father steps in and turns you in a different direction.  We'll be close to the Teton Mountains and Yellowstone and will be making trips there for sure.  Matt will be busy with school and work but we look forward to exploring all that will be around us.  Matt grew up in Wyoming so he's excited to be going home. 

I promise we'll not be gone from Texas forever.  My family is still here and we'll be back soon enough.  Our top choice for a PA school is actually in Arkansas so if Matt gets accepted there we'll be back in the south very soon. 

How will this Texas girl survive in below freezing temps and wind gusts that freeze you in your tracks?  Stay tuned to find out....


  1. Mom and I were there raising Matt and his siblings. It wasn't that bad - only 37 below zero with wind chill of 75 below zero when the wind blows - and it always blows! But you'll be insulated in the basement - just make sure Rob and Kristy pay the utility bills! You'll need survival gear in the car, heavy clothes, and Matt should make sure to get an engine block heater!

  2. Lol, my wife being a Texas girl herself really struggled with Wyoming at first. She would agree that its the "Arctic Circle"! I don't know about Matt but I loved Wyoming. My wife was happy we didn't stay long. Now we are planning a move back to Wyoming, but not for another year or so. You will acclimate after the second winter and you will not want to come back. Wyoming especially if you explore it has a way to capture your soul!