Friday, July 26, 2013

Master bedroom reveal

Why is it that the master bedroom is the most forgotten about room when it comes to makeovers?  Is it because we're so concerned about the rest of the house looking nice that the master just goes on the back burner?

That was the case for me.  How many people see my bedroom besides my family?  Just about none.  I've always wanted a room that feels relaxing but is also pretty.  Our room is not big by any means but it has worked for us. 

Back when we were going to build our next house I had pinned many images of how our next room would look.  Our room was going to have a bay window with big tall windows.  Tons of light would shine in which is what I love. 

These two pictures were my favorite choices.  Very much my style.  But I decided to go with the first one for our next master. 

I found some bedding similar to the first picture and all I needed was the colored pillow.  I gave you a sneak peek of our room in my last post with the placemat pillows that I made.  When we decided not to build our house and move to Wyoming I had already purchased this new bedding and thrown away the receipt.  So it couldn't be returned.   

So I present to you our master bedroom.

I don't have any before pictures from when we first moved in the house.  The walls in this room were a very dark brown color.  It felt very closed in and smaller than it was.

We really didn't do much in this room as a whole.  We added crown moulding and painted the walls.  Matt and I picked out neutral colors to paint in here.  The back wall is one shade darker than the other 3 walls.  The first picture is a shot from the doorway.  To the left is our tiny bathroom.

Meet our tiny bathroom. 

We painted the cabinets in here a dark color to match the mirrors.  We took down the big builder grade mirror and added the two smaller ones.  The light fixture in here is the same one in the kids bathroom.  The big cabinet above the toilet was added for more storage.  The faucets were changed out along with the hand towel racks, toilet paper roll holder and larger towel rack.  The crown moulding was continued in here as well as Matt laid the same tile as in the kids bathroom. 

So there you have it.  Our master bedroom is complete.  I hope in our next master I can add the cooler color on the wall like in my inspiration picture. 

Bedding-Target $89 (bought on sale plus had another coupon to make this even less)
Coral pillow-Target $.88 (clearance placemat)
Wall colors-not sure (We no longer have the paint we used.  It was from Walmart though.)
Curtains-Target (clearance table cloths)
Sheets-Target $49 (I think it is the mint ash color)

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